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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you give me more information about your products?

  • Yes. We are very open to explaining more to our customers.

When will I be charged for my order?

  • Your card will be charge within 48 hours of the recieved order.

Can I order and send my own fabric?

  • Yes, That can be done.

What is the difference between back styles?

  • - A G-String is string back
  • - A Thong has a T like appearence
  • - A Rio back has 1/2 coverage, About 5 "
  • - A Brazilian is 3/4 coverage
  • - A Full cut is Full bottom coverage.
  • - A Micro Shorts are cheeky cut hot pants
  • - A Boy cut is square cut shorts


G String





Micro Shorts

Boy Cut

What is the difference between a Male cut and a Female cut?

  •  The only different thing about a Male cut vs a Female cut is added fabric in the crotch area to accommodate the male parts.