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I have been a Starwear customer for years now because I have never found such an amazing selection of stylish, sexy swimsuits anywhere else. The quality is outstanding and I always feel sexy and confident when I wear my Starwear swimsuits. Plus I love being able to customize my suit with different fabrics and cuts! Thanks Mary! Elyse

AWESOME!! Your custom suits have been exactly what I''m looking
for but can't find off-the-rack. You're wonderful !!!
M Moody, Florida

"Had the great pleasure of Meeting Mary at her studio she took the time
to fit me and design a suit while I waited. Now that is what I call a girls
day out. Miss ya Mary and my best girl Jules. Thanks again. PS guess I need to
save up for the Amors suit to cute will have to make another trip down. Hope
sales are through the roof this season"
Mary B, Belleville, IL USA

"You guys rock. :) I bought the men's Aries blue wet look bikini. and this suit
is sexy sexy sexy. It looks great,feels great and is very high quality... As a male
model/actor/ dancer, after working out at the gym I hit the pool/ hottub and having
people's head's spinning around is really fun. :) You people have to get a Starwear.us
suit. I'm getting more. Thanks 
Brad Nailer

"A great company to deal with especially if you are looking for a custom made suit.
They will create a suit to your taste and stay at it until the fit is perfect. There's noting
better in the business world than dealing directly with the owner of the company which
is what you are doing when you deal with Starwear.us. They have my business for life."  Mike

Dear Mary,
I would like to give you my compliments for your swimsuits: they are amazing and very
original in Italy. In the pictures I have been in Mexico for my holiday and also there I have
collected a lot of compliments!!!! I have to thank my husband (we are just married) for

img-9702.jpgthe purchase… I'll recommend Your products to my friends.
Thanks and best regards 
Chiara B.

Hi Mary,
I ve followed the advice you gave me. These suits will be a present for my wife.
We discoverd your swim suits 5 years ago and, on the French Riviera , Starwearusa is the
only brand my wife used to wear... small or more conservative your suits designs make my
wife sexy for her, me ...and others. Thank You and Best Regards,  Francois

"Mary, you have made me feel confident, sexy and comfortable in my new chubby skin.
I'm a cancer survivor and had packed on a lot of weight, going from 155 to 262 and although
I'm now 200 and have done great I can't seem to get rid of this last 40-50 lbs. The suits that you custom made for me, a plus sized girl, make me feel comfortable going to the beach and I no longer hide under my "moo-moo" cover up. I now show my Assets that I do love while still comfortably covering up the ones I'm not so fond of. As a Floridian, you can imagine, we are at the beach 4-5 days out of the week so feeling comfortable in my own skin is super important. You've made me feel great and that means a lot. Thank you so much and let me know when you are ready as am ready for more suits!!!! "
Adriane S Vero Beach, Florida U.S.A.

"My Girlfriend has several of your suits and loves the way they look and feel on her,
especially the Impact One Piece. She wears them when Scuba Diving and Swimming Laps
and it keeps everything in place."
Scuba Mike

"You have outdone yourself! The item I received was mind blowing sexy !!! I will definitely
keep you in mind for future orders. Thank you again for everything,"
Michael T.shuttle-007-400.jpg

"Thank-you for helping me to correct the error I made in my order...I would like to add
I am THRILLED with my items that I received-stunning quality! - and I appreciate your
efforts to accommodate my oversight. The day I discovered your website, I shared it  with
two others and definitely anticipate ordering from you again soon in the future (I am already
scanning the website today for more suits to buy!). I almost feel like a designer in
to choose the style, fabric, trim, etc!
With kind regards from Oregon," K
iersti P

"The discerning buyer need look no further. Starwearusa.com is simply the best!"
Chris & Jo D. Australia

"Dear Mary,
I LOVE my bathing suit!!!! You have actually taken a favorite bathing suit I purchased
in Portofino, Italy and made it better!!!! You are a fabulous seamstress and I can't wait to
have you make me another bathing suit when I come back to Vero Beach!
Thank you again," Sandy A. Massachusetts

 I received the Thomasina, she loves it! Very well made and a good fit. The best we have seen With many thanks, John. 

The Calypso suit is amazing 5 stars, It is absolutely amazing, I asked if it was possible to get a pair of sleeves attached to the suit, and they very happily obliged making it a very lovely suit. I do love how it looks and feels.

Grab bag panties,the perfect purchase to see how certain fabrics look. Plus the new "Rio" cut is so sexy.....! Rob K.


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